The talent alliance partnership aims to bring in fresh talent to the Salesforce ecosystem and provide mentorship through inclusive hiring opportunities for several career paths.

We at 360 Degree Cloud have joined the
Salesforce Talent Alliance Program

Over the years of our association with Salesforce, we’ve worked with Salesforce to secure new partnerships, as well as nurtured many Salesforce entrants all the way to training and mentorship roles.
Under this program, true to Salesforce spirit, the we’ll work as alliance partners to
  • Breathe new life and talent into the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Diversify workforce, Spearhead Inclusivity in hiring, operations
  • Train and add certified Salesforce professionals
  • Commit to hiring new Salesforce professionals
  • Give underrepresented groups space to perform
  • Make real change we can see and feel around us

Our Role in Nurturing New Talent

We, like Salesforce, believe in the power of businesses as platforms for change. As part of that, we aim to empower new trailblazers by connecting them to opportunities and disseminating useful knowledge about the platform.
  • Guide Salesforce career paths at Development groups, Career Fairs
  • Connect and guide budding Salesforce talent to the right roles
  • Encourager contributors to give back through code
  • Help and train them on their journeys to help them grow into Salesforce Developer and other roles

Siddharth Sehgal, Founder and CEO at 360 Degree Cloud pointed to the need for such initiatives saying, “A pledge like this would go far to address several societal issues constructively and bring in fresh talent and perspectives to the Salesforce ecosystem, which is really the best place to be for upcoming talent to be. We’re looking to make lasting change and contributions to the community at large. ”