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Why hiring a Salesforce AppExchange Developer will be worth it?

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Let’s Start at the basics:
What is Salesforce AppExchange?

Short answer? It’s the Google Playstore for B2B business apps.

Only, it’s the biggest marketplace for B2B apps out there, and you’ll need to have a valid Salesforce License to install an application to your desktop.

App can be completely Salesforce-native or cross platform.

You’ll find apps from ISVs (Independent service vendors for) productivity, documentation, project management, marketing & sales, and of course, apps catering to specific verticals, niches, and use-cases.

Salesforce allows connecting the entire customer journey across sales, service, commerce, marketing, and every other touchpoint. This means it has got every approach that could bring a business closer to the customers. Reaching closer to the customers becomes easier when it is through an application that is easy to use and proves to be functional for them. This is where the role of a Salesforce AppExchange developer comes into play. 

Having your application on AppExchange means that your business is visible to the customers. But this will be true when your app is good enough to leave an impression. A professional Salesforce app developer creates application for a business, creating something just what they had expected. 

“How do I access AppExchange?”

At the time of writing this, the initial steps, besides app-specific set ups, are pretty straightforward. For a standard installation, you’d simply login into your Salesforce instance (assuming you have a valid account) with a valid Salesforce license.

From here, you’ll open up the homepage menu and click AppExchange from a drop down, search for the app form the AppExchange search bar, click Get It Now.

“And how do I install AppExchange Apps?”

For the default configuration of AppExchange apps, you simply need to consent to terms, choose an installation environment, Confirm and Install. 

You’ll then be previewed the package installation details as a last chance to confirm configuration settings. You’ll need to Continue from here once you’re satisfied to set up user permissions. Finally, you’ll click Next and Install when you’re good and ready.

To verify whether the app is installed or not, go to Setup > Build > click on Installed AppExchange. You’ll also be notified of the installation by email. That’s all there is to the default setup. 

Everything beyond this – Development, Security Reviews, Launch & Roll out, Monetization, customization, configuration, and integration of AppExchange apps – and you’ll need an experienced Salesforce AppExchange Developer

Roles and Responsibilities of A Salesforce App Developer

When a business hires a Salesforce AppExchange developer, there’s a lot of expectations from them. There are several responsibilities on the developer to be fulfilled to deliver the business an app just as they expect. Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of the developer:

  • To develop, configure, and deploy a business application using the Salesforce platform, ensuring that the security standards of the application are top-notch.
  • To create, execute, and maintain APEX code, VisualForce, Salesforce incorporation, and AppExchange pages.
  • To effectively test and implement the application, managing all the processes like coding, configuring, installation, maintenance, and debugging under proper timelines.
  • To work closely with the business teams and develop custom workflows and CRM solutions.

Here’s Why You’d Need a Salesforce AppExchange Developer

Salesforce is the #1 CRM of choice but still needs a fair bit of work to create & monetize successful apps that drive true value. Here’s how a great team of AppExchange developers would help you to roll out an application to customers:

  1. Access to a global workforce: Hiring an AppExchange developer for Salesforce would save you from the geographical location limits. That’s how businesses can acquire the advantage of services of more skilled developers beyond the boundaries of location.

  1. Cost Saving: Businesses can save funds on hiring in-house professionals for different needs. With the right Salesforce AppExchange developer, they can get the work done at minimum expenses.

  1. Productivity and flexibility: Remote Salesforce AppExchange developers work under a specific schedule and are highly flexible. That’s how they tend to maintain the highest level of quality and productivity.

  1. New ideas on the ongoing trend: Remote developers always think out of the box for ideas that will help them to compete in the market for their work. They always stay updated on the changing technologies, which reflects in their work.

Hire one yourself – Get the best Bench of Salesforce App Developers 

Save yourself from all the troubles of searching for remote developers who can understand your business and provide you with tailored service. We have a proficient team of certified Salesforce AppExchange developers who are ever-ready to listen to your expectations and craft applications that match exactly to your imagination and deliver the best results.

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