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Top 10 Most Exciting Features of Salesforce Summer ‘21

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It’s that time of the year when Salesforce administrators and other professionals sit tight to unwrap everything that Salesforce brings to them with its new release. After some helpful updates in Spring ‘21, Salesforce is back again with its Summer ‘21 release notes, and there’s so much in it that we can’t keep calm. 

Salesforce announced the release date and Sandbox preview of Summer ‘21, and now the release notes are available too. Although there’s a lot that Salesforce brought up for its users, some features got our attention. Here are the top 10 features that will go a long way for Salesforce administrators and developers.

1. Flow Updates

Salesforce Summer ‘21 has brought many Flow features and enhancements. You can debug Record Triggered Flow with the help of Debug tools. Earlier different kinds of workarounds were required for debugging Record Triggered Flows, being a massive gap in Salesforce.

There is also an addition of a native collection sort element within Flow Builder. This feature allows Sort Collection Variables in ascending or descending order. 

2. Update Fields from the Report Run Page with Inline Editing (Beta)

Users can save time and clicks by keeping data up to date in the reports and object records. When any source data goes out of date, you no longer need to go back to the original record to update the information. The feature of inline editing allows updating the text or numeric fields without leaving the Report Run page.   

3. Download a Dashboard Image to a File

You can download any image on your dashboard embedded in a presentation to receive a PNG file. Earlier, you were only able to acquire a dashboard image with the help of an app for screen capture.    

4. Enhancements for Einstein Bots

Summer ‘21 has brought more NLP languages for Einstein Bots. This makes it easier to reach out to more customers in the language preferred by them. Einstein Bots will now support Korean, Swedish, and Danish for Natural Language Processing in beta.

Also, the Einstein Bot Builder is equipped with an upgraded intent management experience for expanding your bot. The feature of dialog cloning is added with the option to include the attached utterance. This allows you to move bulk utterances between intents or to another intent set. The intent set now contains various languages, and users can easily assign bulk utterances to a new language. Users can focus on the utterance matching with the language of the bot with bot training, ensuring that the model fits right for your target customers.

5. Salesforce Data Pipelines to Enrich Salesforce Data at Scale

The release brought us a new product, Salesforce Data Pipelines that helps to enrich the Salesforce data. When your CRM data is scattered on different services, the product can help you consolidate it for a single and accessible view that enables faster decision-making. You can also use Data Pipelines for transforming bulk Salesforce information without having to use third-party tools.

6. Dynamic Actions Bar for your App Page

You can now have a Dynamic Actions Bar for your app page that helps you handle all the information actions from a single bar. You can easily drag and configure the components of the bar on your app page by using the Lightning App Builder. You can also use standard and custom global actions for customizing your bar.

7. Save your Time dealing with Mass Actions in Split View

You don’t need to open a different list page for different details now. You can easily enable the split view to access multiple records at a single time. In a split view list, select the relevant items and choose an action for them in console or standard view. 

8. Connect with Customers Easily via LinkedIn with Native Sales Navigator Integration

The release has brought a great feature for sales representatives to connect with customers in more significant ways through LinkedIn Sales Navigator native integration. Sales representatives can use native components to easily access LinkedIn profiles on contact, leads, opportunity, and account pages. This further makes it easier for them to send connection requests and InMails using native Lightning Actions. 

9. Upgrade to Meeting Digest

To prepare for meetings in a better way and to help organizers address customer concerns, Salesforce added Meeting Digest with the feature that gives insights about the cases which are of the highest priority. It also notifies the meeting organizer about the outstanding customer requests. In addition to this, representatives also receive helpful reminders of follow-up meetings or sending emails after the meeting.

10. Record Access Reasons in Lightning Experience

Earlier when multiple users had access to a record, it was never clear why they were having the access and what their roles were. But with Summer ‘21, a user can see why they have access by finding it in the Record Sharing Hierarchy in Lightning Experience. 


Salesforce Summer ‘21 has brought some great features for administrators, developers, and users. All of it adds to the experience and simplicity of using the CRM platform. We highlighted some of the eye-catchy features that we couldn’t resist sharing. There’s more to it that makes Salesforce Summer ‘21 something you might look forward to.

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