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Top 7 Tips to Consider to Choose the Right Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant

Top 7 Tips to Consider While Hiring a Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
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The power of Salesforce as a CRM is indispensable. But that will only be valuable when a company is able to use the platform in the best way. This can leave you behind the competition. However, hiring a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant can make a difference. Consultants ensure that the sales cloud works in tune with your business needs and is optimized to its full potential. 

Who are Sales Cloud Consultants?

The job of a consultant is to ensure that the Sales Cloud platform works as efficiently as possible for steady business growth. Consultants are responsible for creating and implementing solutions that simplify business processes and boost your business’s productivity and efficiency. 

Consultants excel in understanding your business and the gaps in the business processes.  Then, the expertise and experience they possess to bridge this gap to ensure a successful Salesforce sales cloud implementation.

Selecting the right partner will play a crucial role in your Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation success. Here are 7 pro tips to help you pick the right one. 

7 Pro Tips for Hiring the Best Sales Cloud Consultant

So, the key to getting the best out of Sales Cloud is to hire a reliable consultant, and here are some tips that will help you do it.

1. Do Extensive Research 

The idea of getting a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant is to make your business grow faster. You need to take your time and research the market to find the consultant that meets your requirements. Rushing is never a good option in the long run.

The first step? Examine and understand your business needs. After understanding what your business is in need of, looking for the right consultant is easier. In the first step itself, you narrow down the search. Giving you a strong start toward finding the right consultant. 

After extensive research and understanding your business needs, you can pick a consultant to optimize Salesforce according to your needs. 

2. Find a Partner Within Your Budget 

You will be investing money into a Sales Cloud consultant. The next step after you narrow down your consulting service partner is to see which options fit your budget. You can look for the plans the partner is providing and decide which one meets your business needs and fits your budget. 

It’s also important to note that the number of consultants and the services you need to provide may vary depending on your current business requirements. Consider all this while you pick the consultant within your budget.

3. Check the Certifications 

Salesforce certifications are assurance that the consultant you are hiring is verified and has the expertise on the Sales Cloud platform. There are different levels of certifications given by Salesforce, which are based on their experience and knowledge. 

You should also check the certifications of the consulting partners. They are usually divided into these tiers: Registered, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Global Strategic Partners. These certifications typically give you an insight into the experience and expertise of the resources you are getting. 

4. Experience is a Valuable Parameter 

A Sales Cloud consultant will work over time and create solutions for challenges the businesses face. This will give the consultants valuable experience, making them effective problem solvers and refining their skills. 

Having an in-depth conversation with the consultant will give you an insight into their understanding of how experienced and skilled they are at their job. Relevant industry experience plays a critical role in picking the right consultant. You should prefer a consultant who has worked in your industry.

Picking a consultant with relevant industry experience assures you that they are well-versed in the common challenges faced by the industry and have created solutions to counter them. Ensure that the consultant is not just an expert in one industry, as diverse experience will give you a consultant who can efficiently counter different challenges. 

5. Evaluate the Implementation Plan 

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation can be a complex task to accomplish, especially when you need it tailored to your business needs. This is where a consultant will create an implementation plan. 

This plan should include everything that needs to be done to make the Sales Cloud seamless and successful. Ensure that it includes short-term and long-term goals with the Sales Cloud implementation. 

6. Check for a Good Support Plan 

The Sales Cloud will require regular updates, optimization, and maintenance, and for this, you need a consultant who can assist you with a good support plan. They will also be responsible for feminizing your team with the Sales Cloud platform, so they should have good collaboration and communication skills. 

Ensure they are available when needed, have excellent problem-solving skills, and can train your team to empower them to use the sales cloud to its full potential. 

7. Look for Reviews 

Reviewing reviews is a great way to evaluate and understand your consultants. This assures you that you are conversing with the right people and consulting partners. The most accessible platform to find these reviews is on Salesforce AppExchange. You can find customer ratings and reviews that will help you gain insight into the consultant.   

You can also go through reviews to understand the company’s experience, certifications, and areas of expertise. You can also find these reviews on Google reviews and social media channels. 

Why is 360 Degree Cloud the First Choice for Businesses?

We have had a decade of providing clients with experienced consultants for all their needs. Our Sales Cloud consultants have the expertise to meet any challenge that is presented to them. We have an exceptional track record of successful sales cloud implementations. 

Our consultants have done critical things like creating a holistic view of lead journeys, automated billing and invoices, custom dashboards for consolidated data, and much more. Our consultants understand your business needs and provide the perfect solution before deadlines.

With our consultants, businesses have seen a direct boost in productivity with streamlined processes and efficient resource management. All our consultants are certified, experienced, and ready to help your business grow with Sales Cloud. So, contact us, and we’ll hear all your challenges and will provide you with the best solution to overcome them.

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