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Why Salesforce Lightning is a Must-have?

features of Salesforce lightning
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Salesforce has always been a life savior for the majority of the business firms all around the world who have shown their interest in the same. It has often been coming up with new ideas almost every time so that its users never feel left out. CRM solutions are generally found working vigorously upon their development in each scenario so that they are never behind anyone in the long run. In this era of high-end technology, when people are always running short on time, they prefer the quickest solutions available to them so that they do not miss any important updates later. Considering this scenario in mind, the world’s most dominant CRM platform Salesforce introduced its clients with something much fascinating and worthy ‘Salesforce Lightning’. It is a framework based on the components which are used for app development and functioning, primarily used by business enterprises. It is quite different from the other version of Salesforce, which is Salesforce Classic. It is much faster than that with a better user interface which allows you to work at the speed of lightning to get the desired results in a shorter period. Continue reading to know more.

More about Salesforce Lightning

The component-based framework of Salesforce Lightning is highly compatible with almost all major applications running on it already. It has given them a new speed along in the right direction. It has also provided people with some out-of-the-box tools to take care of their business enterprise and help them generate greater revenue from the same. Apart from this, it is completely customizable as per your business needs and interests so that you do not lack anywhere among your competitors in the highly competitive market. It can also be easily integrated with other third-party applications. It makes you better in a way which might help you to stand out among the others.

Greatest Features of Salesforce Lightning

The following mentioned are a few features of Salesforce Lightning which makes it something a business enterprise must have to ensure their success in the long run:

  1. Salesforce Einstein

The ‘Salesforce Einstein’ is more like an automated bot-driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning to derive the maximum output in your business venture without investing a huge stack of money. It is something that the 21st century thrives for. It works like a silent observer which notices everything you do on your CRM and then uses that knowledge to perform different tasks and take important decisions later when you are not around.

  1. Works at the Speed of Lightning

As already mentioned, people prefer speed over anything else in this digital world. They want things to be interconnected so that they do not have to wait for any specific integration. This helps them make decisions faster keeping in mind that nothing is missed. Compromising with the speed must never be in an option. This makes you a step ahead of your rivals in the market making sure you outshine them in every way possible.

  1. Better User Interface

Salesforce Lightning also supports a better and enhanced user interface which highlights one of its key features. It is easily navigable which makes it better than anyone else. Moreover, it can be easily worked upon on the mobile handsets too which makes it furthermore flexible. People always prefer to work on-the-go so that they do not miss any important updates. Its mobile-ready UI makes it even a better choice for the business entrepreneurs.

  1. Powerful Automation and Integration

The latest version of Salesforce provides its users with highly powerful automated processes along with easy integration. It supports sales automation at a much better place which helps people doing tasks quite more swiftly. It also connects almost all Salesforce products within a single and much powerful platform that makes it a win-win situation for all. Moreover, we can also say that it is specially designed for keeping people’s needs in mind so it is completely worth it.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that Salesforce Lightning possesses the majority of all the vital features which makes it a must-have for all kinds of business enterprises to ensure guaranteed success in their long journey of hard work. We, at 360 Degree Cloud can help you switch to this more powerful SF version to make you enough capacity for the big competition. Our team of more than 300 Salesforce experts is always working towards delivering the Salesforce related projects on time with complete project transparency. Wish to give us a try? Connect with us via https://calendly.com/john-360dc/30min and get in touch with our experts to maximize the outputs through your CRM solution at almost the same prices. Unlock the door to infinite golden opportunities waiting for