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Why You Must Go For Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience
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Lightning Experience is the recently launched intelligent user interface by Salesforce. Earlier Salesforce users were working on the Classic Module, to enhance the working experience Salesforce is now focusing more on Lightning. It provides huge options to work with and primarily focus on keeping a sales and service-centric mindset for supporting businesses in a better way.

Lightning Experience by Salesforce CRM does not only ends at the sale, rather it tends to extend services, apps, platform, and more. A productivity-boosting user interface to close deals, support customers is what a newer interface looks like!

Lightning Experience By Salesforce CRM –

With Lightning fast Experience, Salesforce now has many novel cloud-based features and a new UI as well. Sales accounts, leads, contacts, campaigns, opportunities, personal accounts, and price books have been re-organized and given a modern, visual appeal.

The overall intent of the redesign is to make the data and tools more accessible so that Sales Reps can work more effectively and close deals faster with fewer clicks.

Lightning Experience comes up with some all-new feature and redesigned pages as well. Some of the latest highlights are mentioned as follow:

Lightning Experience by Salesforce


Lightning Experience by Salesforce has been made specifically keeping mobile phones in mind. The interface is designed to work across sales, service, communities smoothly as well as keeping along with consistency.