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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

10 Years of 360 Degree Cloud

It’s been a decade of customers, dedicated staff, clients, and communities served. It’s also been 10 years of great relationships helping our customers grow and learning from them.

A lot can happen in 10 years: paper straws, voice assistants, ride-sharing, grocery delivery, machine learning, hoverboards, sadly a persistent pandemic, reusable rockets, and Web 3.

It’s been a whirlwind for us too.
We’ve gone from a few close patrons to the very best of Fortune firms cutting across industries. It’s shaped us and helped us respond with the right tech at the right time.

A recap of our journey

- 10 years in 10 highlights

Here are the major highlights of how it all began and what was achieved on the way here:
Began in Saas with just 5 employees in 2012
Grew to 100+ consultants in 2014
Expanded operations to Noida in 2015
Launched our flagship app 360 SMS in 2016
Became an ISV partner in 2017
Became a Salesforce Consulting Partner in 2018
Grew to a team of 250 in 2019
Turned Silver Partner in 2020
Turned Platinum in 2021 and grew to 600 members
2022- Became PDO Partner, Great Place To Work Certified, and Opened up a 6th location in Kolkata

Another decade of thriving relationships and innovation

We thank our partners, customers, and staff for putting their trust in us for the past decade. 360 Degree Cloud has grown tremendously beside you and learned from you. The opportunities to help you achieve your goals from business, development, and Salesforce has been equally fulfilling for us too.
We intend to continue being your first choice for quality Salesforce projects, timely delivery, and apps.

Many Careers, Many Teams, One Love: Salesforce

Our COO, Rohit Bhalla (a Salesforce Consultant extraordinaire)too reminisced on the journey here and shared his delight:

“We’ve worked and played as one. We stayed beside each other through the late-nights and field trips, through pandemics and Zoom calls.

Our teams since have grown nearly 100x from the time they started, doubling in size every 1.5 years. And our talent pool and capabilities have grown at the same pace. It’s like a chestnut tree rooted really deep in development and Salesforce expertise.

The nuts from the tree have spawned as trees of their own with new leaders carrying their own teams and initiatives.

As we complete 10 years, nothing could make me happier to see our teams still going strong and making waves in the Salesforce and software development scene.

The only place I see us moving is up.”

Did anyone say Year Book?

Our 10th anniversary has evoked a melting pot of feelings across teams. It makes us swell with pride at our achievements and teary-eyed with memories of the great personal and professional friendships we’ve made.
So, we’re leaving you with some comments by our team mates as they reflect on their time with us.

Nikhil Goyal

Senior Technical Lead, 7 years

“I’m a senior Salesforce Technical Lead at 360 Degree Cloud. I joined as a trainee. I’m now an Application Architect. I’ve found career growth, learning opportunities, and a supportive team.”


Divyani Miglani

Project Delivery Lead, 8 years

“It’s my pride and privilege to be working here. 360 has seen the best in me and I’ve been entrusted and supported through many projects over the years. We’ve come, held, and worked together successfully all this while.”


Abhishak Thakkar

Sales Manager, 3 years

“My journey heading the sales team, the culture, and transparency here is fantastic. I like working where I am right now and I’d love to continue working here.”


Rajeev Khare

Technical Lead, 6 years

“I remember my first day when I joined here as a trainee. This is only due to the friendly culture and positive environment here. I’m also ready for all the great things to come.”


Sonam Malhotra

Head Customer Success, 6 years

“I’m a senior Salesforce Technical Lead at 360 Degree Cloud. I joined as a trainee. I’m now an Application Architect. I’ve found career growth, learning opportunities, and a supportive team.”


Parag Arora

Senior Team Lead, 5 years

“I’ve learned and earned. The culture is transparent. Everyone has a chance to be heard. My career journey has changed for the better many times at 360 Degree Cloud.”


Tanmay Gupta

Senior Technical Lead, 4 years

“It’s been an amazing journey for me. My managers still trust and appreciate me and give me ample opportunity to grow professionally and personally.”


Kunal Mukhija

Team Lead, 5 years

“When I look back it feels like I joined just yesterday - team coordination and balance are still going strong.”


Avneesh Kumar

Senior UI Developer, 6 years

“The learning environment and growth is open. Your colleagues and manager will always help you if have any hiccups. They’d always tell me, “Avneesh, we know you can do it.” Their belief and encouragement has gone very far. I started out as a trainee, and I’m now a Senior UI Developer.”


Rajdeep Banerjee

Sales Head, 3 years

“It’s been a fantastic journey. I’ve seen us grow from 70 employees to 750 employees. I’ve never felt pressure irrespective of performance and targets. The acknowledgment I’ve received has only motivated me to raise the bar and break my own records.”