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5 Features That Makes Salesforce Lightning Services A Must For the Businesses

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As Salesforce launched its new Lightning Experience, the businesses got the opportunity to acquire the game-changing capabilities to increase their productivity multifold.  Conducting the comparison of Lightning Experience to Salesforce Classic proves that the new Salesforce UI, despite its minor limitations, has a wider and more convenient feature set. 

Lightning offers a more responsive interface, making it highly suitable for mobile applications. It automatically adapts to the look and feel of the device you are using. Salesforce Lightning Services provide richer components for the client-side and can embed newer and more varied types of visualization. Let’s go deeper into some of its features that would craft an experience that your business seeks:

1.Improved Analytics and Forecasting

Lightning Experience has improved integration with Einstein AI, thus allowing the users access to Einstein AI features like Einstein forecasting and Einstein opportunity insights. With all that, Lightning Experience users can better qualify leads, understand leads’ behavior, and outline the best next steps in nurturing them, anticipate demand on goods and services, and more.

2.Increased Efficiency in Lead Management

Salesforce Lightning Services has taken the process of lead management a step higher with utmost automation and accuracy. It helps in scoring the leads according to their responses. The leads with more favorable responses would be given a higher priority in no time, which considerably reduces the manual labor your team would otherwise have to put for doing the same. 

The platform is also proving to be a great support for cleansing of your sales pipelines, by only keeping the high-scoring leads. This is how you can work on closing the deals with the qualified leads, meanwhile nurturing the lesser responsive ones separately.

3.Design for Ease of Use

The new interface brought up by Salesforce Lightning Service is modern, efficient, and smart. The Salesforce users can now enjoy a consistent experience across different devices, whether it is the desktop or their mobile phones. Relevant information is surfaced for each screen, streamlining processes and making workflows more intuitive. 

Lightning Experience brought forward two key improvements. First is the mobile experience which is now available to desktop users in the collapsible navigation. The other is the Note’s “autosave” functionality with added rich-text capabilities which adds on the experience. 

4.Personalization of Services

The core belief of Salesforce CRM revolves around offering the customers the personalized and specific services and Lightning takes this belief a step ahead. With the array of highly advanced and automated features, Salesforce Lightning allows doing a thorough analysis of the customer data, covering every single customer especially. 

Salesforce Lightning would notice and analyze every action, behavior, preferences, or dislikes of the customers. This information helps the team to reach out to the customers in a personalized way, thus tailoring the services according to the needs of the customers.

5.Encourage Faster Sales

Salesforce Lightning Services brought forward all the features that can help the business to maintain a faster speed at sales. Lightning Assistant keeps notifying the user about the relevant update during the day in real-time. It also brings the Opportunity Workspace as an excellent means to coordinate with the team. The Lightning Experience even simplified accessing and managing the reports centrally with Opportunity Kanban. 

Time to Step Up

Salesforce Lightning Service not just sounds lucrative but proves everything it claims in action. It has proven to be a highly productive and beneficial upgrade to the classic version of Salesforce. Although Salesforce Lightning may not be a completely breezy one, and migrating from Classic to Lightning might be initially challenging, but the promising results with Salesforce Lightning makes it worth the shot.

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