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From Mobile to Social: 6 Customer Service Channels for Your Reps To Work On

Customer Service Channels
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Service teams always work to meet customer expectations fast and flexibly, and they use digital customer service channels to do so. 

When there is an unprecedented increase in customer queries, digitally managed customer service channels can help the team to manage it all. The team can also use FAQ pages, chatbots, mobile, and web chat to reduce call volumes, enabling self-service.

Customer support has now become all-digital, available for customers all the time. According to the Salesforce State of Service report, channels like messenger apps, online chat, and video support have witnessed a double-digit adoption gain in 2020 from 2018.

Top Digital Customer Service Channels You Should Know

Customers nowadays have become smart and have increased their use of digital channels to connect with a brand. Because of this shift in customer service engagement, organizations have to rethink their channel mix, or they might risk falling behind.

Here are some of the top digital customer service channels that you can consider for your business.

1. Engage on Mobile to Keep the Conversation Going

Mobile devices have become the asynchronous service option that keeps the conversation with the customers going. Mobile help to record past interactions and streamlines conversation,  thus making it a convenient option for customer service. 

Agents also use mobile to deliver personalized customer experiences. It allows agents to work with multiple customers at one time, enabling them to refer back to past interactions on mobile options. 

You can also automate routine customer requests using chatbots on SMS, WhatsApp, and other messengers.

2. Social Customer Service to Nip Potential Problems

You can connect your service and marketing with social customer service channels that would give you a complete view of the customer data. This will help agents with the consultation before they have to respond to any customer request. 

Social channels help with quick case resolution. As soon as a customer replies to a post with a complaint or issue, your team would get aware of it and could immediately work to resolve that case. 

3. Enable Self-Service Channels for Quick Questions

Many service professionals have found that customers are increasing their use of self-service. Self-service channels can include your, FAQ page, help center, knowledge base, and customer portals. 

Such portals allow customers to log in and access their information like purchase history. It is important that you keep your self-service channels up-to-date. You must regularly review your case information. What are customers ask routinely? Are you aware of any new trends? Track all these insights to create content that can help address common customer requests. 

4. Chatbots for Personalized Digital Support

You can consider a chatbot as the extension of your self-service. It helps you to analyze data with artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly resolve common issues. Many customers these days prefer using chatbots to ask simple questions, like checking their order status. 

Service agents can use chatbots to offer a personal touch to digital customer service channels. You can use natural language for programming them. 

5. Use Voice Capabilities to Deliver Connected Service

Voice holds among the most-used channels by businesses. You can consider combining your CRM with CTI using Service Cloud Voice to make voice a digital channel for your business. 

This technology puts all customer and calls information on the agent’s screen. It also transcribes the interaction carried out with customers so that agents don’t have to scribble notes. 

6. Video for Face-to-Face Interaction

One-on-one support for routine requests these days has been simplified with Visual Remote Assistant. It can allow agents to handle anything from how to reset a home TV to a system reboot.

Being easy to use, this channel is very much preferred by customers. It enables remote assistance without having to go to service centers.

Leverage All Customer Service Channels for Better Service Delivery

While you use all the above-mentioned customer service channels, regularly review your data to ensure your teams always meet expectations and deliver fast and quality service. Also, which channel you choose depends entirely on your business; what works well for a retailer may not work for a manufacturer. 

And if you need help to know what works for you, get in touch with our certified Salesforce professionals.

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