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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Uncovering Digital Process Automation to Modernize Financial Services

Digital Process Automation
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Professionals from growth-minded industries know that consumers also expect seamless transactions on whichever channel they’re using. Whether you are in wealth management, insurance, or retail banking, financial institutions always need seamless data access, and that’s something digital process automation can help with.

Financial services nowadays need to enable workflow orchestration right in their CRM using digital process automation (DPA). That’s the secret of saving agents from the abrupt jumping from screen-to-screen and system-to-system to deliver services intelligently.

Digital Process Automation and Workflow Orchestration

Let’s take some time to look at ways digital process automation can simplify transactions while eliminating app clutter through reusable, rules-based automation.

1. Open a Bank Account

DPA helps to enable a guided conversation to streamline the processes while remaining within the regulatory bounds. The guided conversation enables bankers to understand customers in a better way.

It gives bankers the clarity of information that forms the basis of the relationship. Using the data processing engine, bankers can even gain insights into the best recommendations for each customer, while picking the next best steps for them.

2. Integrate Credit Checks without using Customer Coding

How often do you require access to credit scores as part of a customer transaction? Until now, Salesforce Administrators have been encoding rules for each process that requires a credit check. 

But by enabling digital process automation, you can simply set up a decision table with an “if this, then that” function. It allows you to work with declarative statements with clicks, not code, thus making it easier to configure all the rules that involve credit checks.

3. Dispute a Transaction on a Debit or Credit Card

Customers who tend to call the support team with a problem are often anxious. Bumping worried callers from one person to another in the support team isn’t reassuring and makes them feel dissatisfied.

In this case, DPA helps financial firms to cut the repetition and provide solutions in real-time. It even allows agents to generate documents to confirm the case and the customer stage. Thus, DPA enables one call, one person, and one activity stream. 

Leverage Financial Services Cloud to Enable Digital Process Automation 

DPA when working together with Financial Service Cloud can help to make your Customer 360 view better and orchestrate your workflows and simplify document generation. Here are a few key benefits that you will discover:

1. More Focus on Customers

It helps you unify the data in your business to give you a complete view of each business or household. It would help you learn about the relationship in depth. Also, having a unified view can also help you make new connections quickly, helping you personalize conversations the right way.

2. Declarative and Low-Code Workflow Tools

With Financial Services Cloud, you can get the power to remember rules as part of work orchestration. You can access many procedures that can help to streamline processes for low-volume actions in context, and can help you in cases like a credit check or fraud detection.

3. Digital Experience with Data

You don’t have to hop from screen to screen and from system to system anymore. With the help of OmniStudio, you can see the information from multiple sources in one place, thus making data access easier.

4. Better Experience

You can enable Flexcards to get a simple branded user interface (UI). This kind of UI would just need a click to configure and deploy. This will help make the experience good enough for both your employees and customers. 

Improve Your Workflow with Digital Process Automation

Digital process automation can be mentioned as the missing piece that helps to bring workflow orchestration to your CRM. The result? It offers you a more cohesive customer experience, better customer insights, and enhanced customer retention.

We constantly work to make the lives of your financial services clients of every size easier and easier. Reach out to us to know how our Salesforce consulting services can help your financial organization.

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