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Reasons Why Commercial Banking Should Consider Moving to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
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The banking industry has completely transformed and now what matters the most is how a bank is able to deliver personal experiences to its customers and build customer trust. That’s why commercial banking institutions are now moving to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud to deliver a more cohesive and customized customer experience.

Financial Services Cloud helps to connect banking institutions across businesses, geographies, and multiple channels. It helps provide bankers with enhanced visibility into existing opportunities and provides them a 360-degree view of managed and held-away assets.

Reasons to Consider Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Commercial Banking

Whether it is wealth or asset management, every aspect of commercial banking is complex and requires the management of critical information. FSC helps bankers by cutting down complexity, making it easier to track and maintain leads while simplifying the workflow. Here are some ways FSC helps smooth down operations for commercial bankers.

1. Track Leads and Referrals

With the FSC package, banks would get access to different referral components that will help bankers and advisors to keep an eye on the performance and journey of the referral. A referral will go through stages from creation to conversion. With FSC, Salesforce will automatically create an Account and Opportunity when a referral is converted. This saves time for representatives to manually create an Account.

2. Boost Resiliency

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offers banks the flexibility to rapidly scale with the changing and growing market trends, without any dependency on physical infrastructure. This also means that the financial institutions would be less exposed to outages and downtime and can respond quickly to disruptions.

3. Automate Tasks with Action Plans

Bankers can use action plans for automating some of their recurring tasks and reduce manual intervention. Creating action plans would save bankers time which they could invest in revenue-generating operations and also help to make sure that the deadlines are met. The feature allows auto-assigning tasks to different team members, ensuring that there is compliance at every step.

4. Leverage Advisor Analytics

With FSC, commercial bankers can access analytics reports and dashboards to gain insights that will help them to make informed decisions and deliver to customer expectations. To access more advanced analytics and predictive alerts, bankers can also use Tableau as an add-on, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Commercial Banking

Many banking companies that use Salesforce tend to customize Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to improve their operations and service delivery. But now with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, commercial bankers can simply access the best of Salesforce features to boost productivity and achieve faster deal closure. 

Learn more about FSC and implement the same in your banking institution with our certified experienced. Contact us to get along with the best-in-industry Salesforce professionals.

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