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How to Drive Personalization with Marketing Cloud

Drive Personalization with Marketing Cloud
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Today’s customers are all-digital. And to reach them out, you need to work on something that is personalized for them. The good news is you can drive personalization with Marketing Cloud; you just need to know the way it’s done. 

According to the State of the Connected Customer Report, 66% of consumers expect brands to understand what their unique requirements are. The artificial intelligence capabilities in Marketing Cloud make it all possible. 

Ways to Drive Personalization with Marketing Cloud

Now the question is how exactly you would use Marketing Cloud to drive personalization. Well, we’ve listed here some of the features that will help you drive personalization with Marketing Cloud. 

1. Einstein

Marketing Cloud comprises many AI capabilities that will help you build smarter messaging journeys to drive more and more engagement with the right channel and at the right time. 

  • You can use Einstein Send Time Optimization for single-send journeys. 
  • Einstein Engagement Frequency can be integrated with Journey Builder to predict a suitable number of emails you can send to each customer. 
  • You can use Einstein Engagement Scoring for Mobile Push.

2. Customer 360 Audiences

You can use the Customer Data Platform (CDP) to capture, segment, and unify your marketing data. This will help you access a single source of truth, thus helping you to personalize data for customers at every touchpoint. 

3. Interaction Studio

Marketing Cloud allows you to use Interaction Studio to create audience segments according to the unique customer actions and interests. These segments can be activated in Journey Builder, allowing you to access one-to-one content depending on the audience. 

It even allows you to access engagement scoring and affinity modeling features that will help you to make sense of all data you’ve collected for each customer. 

4. Datorama Media Planning Center

Using this enhancement, you can optimize your media budget allocation by using analytics for advanced planning. You can use AI for forecasting performance and to make data-driven decisions to set campaigns that could bring the best results. 

5. Pardot Email Experience

If you are a Pardot user, you can access a more user-friendly and streamlined email experience. These are some of the most exciting features:

  • You can gather in-depth metrics on emails using the Lightning Content Builder
  • You can use the drag-and-drop builder to create email templates
  • You can gauge the performance of the email at the sending level
  • You can access the email content level to see the aggregated metrics of different sent emails. 

Get Experts to Drive Personalization with Marketing Cloud

It’s clear that Marketing Cloud holds a lot of features that take care of personalizing your marketing campaigns, ensuring you get the most attention from your target audience. From email to social media marketing, there’s always something you can benefit from. 

And if you want to know more about what Marketing Cloud has got for you, feel free to get in touch with our certified Salesforce professionals.

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