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How Salesforce Can Help with Global Ecommerce Expansion

Global Ecommerce Expansion
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If you are planning for your global eCommerce expansion, you should definitely be aware of its obvious benefit: it increases your ability to discover new revenue streams and markets that help in growing your brand awareness. While it looks very tempting to enter an entirely new market, it’s quite difficult and you need to take care of a lot of aspects. 

While you use Salesforce eCommerce marketing to improve your sales and productivity, it is important that you should also know the way it can contribute to expanding your eCommerce business globally. 

Considerations for Global Ecommerce Expansion

While leveraging Salesforce to expand your eCommerce business, there are some considerations that you should always keep in mind. 

1. Know the Potential of the International Market

Before you make a move, check if your digital and logistics capabilities can support the level of growth you expect. You need to take time for examining the geopolitical environment of the new country to make sure the conditions are suitable for your business.

Here are some points you need to work on:

  • Try to capture more and more data points. 
  • Look for consumers who are aware of your brand.
  • Take time to analyze the web data traffic so you know what people commonly browse for.

These ways will help you get ready to set up and stabilize the business abroad. 

2. Localize your Business

The next thing you need to determine is the market opportunity, and once you’re done, work on immersing yourself in the consumers. You need to deliver a localized experience and this is something that actually goes far beyond site translation.

Here are some considerations that will be helpful for you:

  • Language is an important factor that you need to understand while considering localization. A poor translation can end up in losing customers. 
  • Consider usability as another factor to deliver a localized experience to resonate with customers. You can go for separate product photography featuring local models or shots of stitching and local labels.
  • You can also identify popular social channels in the region to run your campaigns. 

3. Identify the Payment Methods

The two of the most complex factors that could affect your global eCommerce expansion are payment and taxes. You have to tackle these hindrances locally considering the diversity of payment types, legislation, and preferred payment channels by customers. 

Try evaluating your target market so you can understand the preferences of your customers and provide the best payment mix for your customers. 

You can even consider taking the help of Salesforce Commerce Cloud which natively supports multiple payments and currency plug-ins. 

Go for Global Ecommerce Expansion with Salesforce

Your eCommerce business deserves all the growth. Expanding your business globally is a great way to take your business across international customers. If you take every important aspect into consideration, you’ll achieve a successful expansion helping you gain more profits. 

You can reach out to our customers to know how Salesforce for eCommerce can help you grow exponentially. 

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