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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

Migrate “External Users” from “Production” environment to other environments in Salesforce

Migrate External Users

In Salesforce Experience Cloud (earlier known as Community Cloud), sharing access of the Salesforce org to external users is not something that can be done directly. The idea to migrate external users from production to other environments cannot be achieved directly. In order to safeguard privacy, Salesforce has created a way to create profiles for external users so they can access the org.

Salesforce allows you the ease to control authorization for external users and create their profiles so they can access multiple environments from production. 

Control Authorization with Custom Profiles and Roles

You can control and customize the profile of an external user to set the customers you can access your Salesforce org. You need to create a role for the site manager to allow the capability to manage the profile. Following are the steps to follow next.

1. Enter Profile in the Quick Find box and select Profiles.

2. Click Clone next to External Identity User. Enter the name of the profile and click Save.

3. Customize the profile by clicking Edit. Select the checkbox next to API Enabled to give users API access to the org. Then click Save.

4. Set up a role hierarchy to assign a role to the user. Enter Role in the Quick Find box and select Roles.

5. Select Product-based Sample from the drop-down list and select Set Up Roles.

6. Click Add Role. Enter the respective role and click Save.

7. Add the role to the user site manager so it can be modified by the manager. Enter Users in the Quick Find box and click Users.

8. Select the role name and click Save.

Controlling User Access to your Experience Cloud

You can’t simply migrate external users but you can set control access accordingly. You can set the profile of your Experience Cloud to control consumers and partner access. The profile for external users enables single sign-on access to your Experience Cloud site. Once you have added the external user profile, all partners and customers who are assigned to that particular profile will automatically become members of your Experience Cloud. You can also add new users anytime to this profile when they sign up. 

After making the profile, here are the steps to control user access-

1. You need to clone and customize the external user profile as mentioned above in Control Authorization with Custom Profiles and Roles.

2. Next, you need to set up the membership of the site from the Members page of the Administration workspace.

3. Enter Digital Experience in the QuickFind box from Setup. Select All Sites, and click Workspaces.

4. Select Members you need to include.

5. Select All from the search list.

6. Locate the profile you created from the list and click Add. The profile would be added for access.

7. Click Save.

Salesforce would then update the membership for your Experience Cloud. Once it is done, site members will receive an email from Salesforce.

Enabling authorization and controlling user access ultimately allows you to create profiles for external users through which they’ll be able to access multiple environments in Salesforce. Learn more with experts at 360 Degree Cloud.


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