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Most Common Questions about Salesforce Customizations

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Salesforce has got everything for every business. You should know the right way to extract the most out of its capabilities. Most companies strive to go beyond boundaries to serve customers, and for that, the off-the-shelf Salesforce solution won’t be enough. That is why there are many common questions about Salesforce customizations which they usually ask to get a customize platform that could suit their business goals. 

When you are looking to extend your Salesforce platform, there is nothing better than Salesforce customization. It will help you get a tailored platform that aligns well with your business objectives and goals. But before you hire a Salesforce service, make sure you come up with the common questions about Salesforce customizations and get the answers for it.

Common Question About Salesforce Customization You Must Ask

Sometimes even different types of Salesforce support plans won’t work for you. You need something that is tailored for you. That’s where Salesforce customization is what you need. To get all prepared for customizing your Salesforce platform, you must know what exactly you are getting yourself in. For that, you need to put forward all the important questions to the service provider and get answers to them. 

Here are some of the common questions about Salesforce customizations you must consider asking before getting starting.

1. Will the customized platform fit your core business needs?

Ask the Salesforce customization service you hire about how the system will be handling processes that are key to your organization. For instance, if you have a process for intensive client intake, you need to understand how the customized system matches your process. 

2. Are there any companies that are using this kind of Salesforce customization?

If you are the first company to try out the specific Salesforce customization, you are more likely to experience the pain. This is because the team you hired would be going through a learning curve on Salesforce customization. 

You need to make sure that you are hiring an experienced team of Salesforce professionals who know their way through customizing Salesforce CRM.

3. What is the roadmap to perform customization?

Understanding how the Salesforce experts plan to go with the customization helps you understand how much they are invested in the job. The roadmap will present the features you will be able to take advantage of once your Salesforce platform is customized according to your business needs. Along with this, the roadmap for the customization process will also expose current shortcomings.

4. What will be done for user adoption?

Sadly, many services center on completing the customization while not considering user adoption for the updated Salesforce platform. This is why documentation and training resources are often the last things that get any attention till customization is done.  

Ask your Salesforce partners what documentation or training you and your team would be getting to make sure they are well-versed with all the new features.

5. How much support will you get after Salesforce customization?

Some Salesforce services might consider the work done once the Salesforce platform is customized and won’t think of the support needed later. 

For successful customization, you need to find a service that will guide you through the onboarding process and even provide needed support with the customized platform and its functionalities. So, make sure you ask if you are getting support after the work is done.

Customize Salesforce for Better Experience and Delivery

Salesforce customization is a viable way to make your Salesforce CRM efficient for the sales team and curb poor user adoption issues. You must get a Salesforce consulting partner involved to ensure a successful customization process.

Talk to our experts and know what is best for your Salesforce according to your business. Reach out to us at sales@360degreecloud.com.

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