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Asset Management for Private Equity in Salesforce

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The demand for private equity organizations for asset management has increased a lot over the years. There is a massive increase of assets to be managed and operation transformation with new emerging business models in the industry. And to manage the complex operations for asset management, there are many capabilities for private equity in Salesforce, which makes it easier for agents to manage work and information. 

Salesforce has become a preferred choice of CRM for private equity companies when it comes to asset management. It is great for fund managers to streamline fundraising, manage portfolios, and achieve a competitive edge in the market. Customizing Salesforce according to your business needs could prove to be a helpful fund and asset management platform for your company. 

Managing Assets and Funds for Private Equity in Salesforce

Forward-thinking firms these days know the benefits of implementing Salesforce within their organization. In the same way, private equity companies are also choosing Salesforce to power their tech stack and improve operations. We have listed some ways using Salesforce can help with fund and asset management. 

1. Data Intelligence

For a private equity firm, data is the biggest asset. But agents in such firms should know how to make the best use of customer data available. With Salesforce, it’s easier to harness data and derive insights and intelligence out of it. 

Salesforce is powered with AI to obtain actionable intelligence from data, which can be used to get insights to optimize and automate processes. 

2. Investor Onboarding

For private equity firms, it is important to bring in potential clients who could increase business for the company. Salesforce helps them create a smooth and quick onboarding process for investors, automating processes like documentation, KYC approval, and other formalities. 

3. Case Management

Agents in private equity firms can use Salesforce for its excellent case management features like automatic service request routing, email to case, and live chat support. Using Salesforce can simplify managing cases from emails and record them centrally. It also provides alerts as triggers to make sure cases are resolved within a specific timeline. 

4. Reports and Dashboards

Salesforce provides private equity employees with a complete view of their operations and processes managed within the firm. With all the information available in a single view, it becomes easier to create custom reports and dashboards for a combined view of investors, operations, and portfolios. 

5. Manage Pipeline

With a lot of workload and potential clients, it can be difficult to manage lead generation for private equity companies. Salesforce allows managing the complete process making it easier to handle and track end-to-end conversion, from inquiry to deals.

Simplify Workload for Asset Management for Private Equity in Salesforce

For the growing and evolving need for funds and asset management in private equity firms, there is a dire need to implement a customized CRM solution. Salesforce implementation is a way to bring all customer data in a private equity firm together, speeding up the process of inquiry and lead generation.  

Implement Salesforce within your private equity firm with the help of certified Salesforce professionals at 360 Degree Cloud. Contact us to learn more about Salesforce, so we can help you better.

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