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Reimagine The Way You Sell With Salesforce Sales Cloud

salesforce sales cloud
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Sales are bloodstream for any business, whether you sell products or deliver services. Realizing the potential of a sales lead and the ability to close deals fast is the key to generate revenues. That’s something that supports continuous business growth. But if it were that easy, everyone would be doing this by now.

Although there are numerous digital solutions to boost sales, managing a surplus of such products could be overwhelming for a small business. But there’s one that stands out from the crowd in terms of usability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness- Sales Cloud. Let’s take a look at what Sales Cloud is all about and how it can empower your business.

What is Sales Cloud?

Sales Cloud is an enterprise product, proving to be a wonderful platform for managing the end-to-end functioning of the sales department for a company. People most get confused in Salesforce and Sales Cloud. While Salesforce is the CRM, Sales Cloud is the part of that CRM system that Salesforce offers. 

You can call Sales Cloud a one-stop-shop for your team that allows you to input and access every detail of customer interaction. From forecasting your upcoming quarters, generating visualizations of your data to discovering the latest trends, Sales Cloud is proving to be the ultimate support.

Most Important Modules of Salesforce Sales Cloud

All the wonderful Sales Cloud features can be brought into use with its different modules and features. Let’s get a proper understanding of the Sales Cloud and study more about the modules it offers.

  1. Campaign Management

    Campaign management in Sales Cloud helps in projecting organizations marketing programs, which are especially targetting the leads for better revenues instead of its campaigning programs. This module allows you to work on preparing campaign programs like Emails, Events, Advertisements, Seminars, etc. 

  2. Leads Management

    When improving sales is the goal, the focus remains only on the leads. Sales Cloud helps you here to assign leads to the right people and track the campaigns. It will find the people who would be interested in your business, thus helping the sales reps to prioritize the leads. 

  3. Accounts Management

    Sales Cloud allows you to configure and use the Accounts so you can create an efficient and faster lead. Here an account is a company with which you are doing business, and with Sales Cloud, you can manage all the data about it. Not just the customers, but you can also store data about investors, competitors, resellers, and other parties with which you interact in your work process.

  4. Contacts Management

    After setting the account, you have to set up and maintain the contacts of the key business people who are involved in the deal and are responsible for driving business. Through Contacts management, Sales Cloud helps in acquiring the complete information about the leads related to conversation conducted, key contact numbers, and emails.

  5. Opportunities Management

    When you are at the stage where you find it as the right time to create an opportunity for the business deal, it’s the moment when the talks about the accounts come in. Sales Cloud allows its users to create and change quotes in response to sales interaction and deal scenarios. 

  6. Cases Management

    After any business deal, there are often some complaints and queries from the user. A business must handle and resolve every complaint to maintain an efficient relationship. To simplify the process, Sales Cloud helps you with cases to file and track issues reported from the customers according to the severity. This helps in prioritizing the issues that can be resolved accordingly.

  7. Reports and Dashboards

    Sales Cloud offers dynamic reports and dashboards to give us a visual representation of how your business is performing. This helps in acquiring relevant data about market trends that help in calculating the upcoming activities. You can build your dashboard by simply dragging and dropping icons in Salesforce CRM. You can also inspect the performance of your team directly on the dashboard.

Adapt, Iterate, Grow and Repeat

Whatever phase of growth your company is in, Sales Cloud can simplify the rest of the journey for you. It’s flexible enough for businesses of any size and scalable to adjust according to your business requirements. Adopt Salesforce for digital transformation with a trusted Salesforce consulting company to manage and close opportunities with Sales Cloud and watch your sales performance improving on the charts.

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