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Tips for Salesforce Project Success

Tips for Salesforce Project Success

Every company sees Salesforce as a game-changing solution to improve business efficiency and speed up productivity. But that’s only possible if the Salesforce implementation project is a success. Along with setting clear goals and aligning Salesforce with business objectives, there are several tips for Salesforce project success that should be followed to implement the platform.

Numerous factors influence the success of Salesforce. Salesforce implementation services are aware of all these factors and tips for Salesforce project success.

Tips for Salesforce Project Success A Business Should Follow

A business can achieve a lot of improvement in its sales processes and productivity with successful Salesforce implementation. Here we have listed some tips for Salesforce project success that will help a business achieve its goals smoothly with Salesforce.

1. Re-design Your Lead to Opportunity Process

For a successful Salesforce project, several business processes need to be re-designed, and the Lead to Opportunity process is the most important one to focus on. Not making efforts on re-designing can result in confusion, ambiguity, ultimately Salesforce project failure.

To achieve salesforce project success, you should focus on these points to re-design your Lead to Opportunity process.

2. Focus on User Adoption

If users are not able to engage with the system, then no matter what functionalities it includes, the Salesforce project will not be a success. That marks the importance of user adoption to make sure the project is a success.

These are the steps that will help to achieve user and platform adoption and a successful Salesforce project:

3. Install Right Set of Dashboards

Companies invest in Salesforce mainly to get visibility of the sales pipeline and performance.

Yet often, they end up failing to implement dashboard charts and sales reports that help gain maximum visibility of sales processes and results.

It is important to install the right set of dashboards to improve the sales process by getting:

Without the dashboards providing the information, sales managers are flying blind. Visibility of all the processes is what ensures Salesforce project success.

4. Include Target Tracking

Targets are the main focus for sales representatives. There won’t be a salesperson worth the salt who doesn’t measure performance against the target every month. But quite often, the sales performance and its target are not tracked within Salesforce, which brings its usefulness down.

You should include target tracking directly into your system that will act as one of the most helpful tips for Salesforce project success. Remember that the target tracking mechanism should reflect both historical performances and future potential revenue. In other words, you should be able to compare pipeline and weighted pipeline concerning the target for next month.

5. Import Clean Data

Every business has a myriad of data related to leads, contacts, customers, current and past opportunities. Currently, this data may be in your legacy system, but to successfully move to Salesforce, you’ll have to import your data. As you import your data, you must consider cleaning it, removing any unnecessary or duplicate data.

Here we have listed some benefits of data cleaning before importing it to Salesforce.

Hire Experts Who Follow these Tips for Salesforce Project Success 

Organizations implement Salesforce to achieve strategic and compelling benefits for business, improving the way of generating leads and handle data. All these expectations with Salesforce would be achieved only if it is implemented successfully. 

To ensure Salesforce success, you need to consider hiring certified Salesforce experts who know their way through the platform. Contact us for any queries related to Salesforce or to know more about our services.

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