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Types of Solutions you can get with Salesforce App Development

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Salesforce provides companies a wide range of customer processes that can be enabled with the help of many out-of-the-box modules. However, every business has different needs, due to which the Salesforce platform has to be customized or integrated with custom solutions. This helps incorporate business-specific needs that aren’t covered by the platform- which is the whole point of a B2B marketplace like AppExchange.

With AppExchange, businesses got the ease to present their brand in the form of an app to the customers, resulting in more customer attention. With a team of AppExchange developers, companies can put forward their idea, which the developers can transform into full-blown process automation apps. These developers have hands-on skills in developing different types of AppExchange solutions, which are discussed ahead.

1. Ready-to-install solutions

Salesforce AppExchange provides users with over 5,000 pre-configured solutions that businesses can add to their Salesforce org.

  • Apps: Apps are pre-built solutions that you can easily install in your Salesforce instance. AppExchange developers create a variety of apps, which can be categorized according to use-case, industry, and business process.
  • Lightning Data: Lightning data provides approved, pre-integrated, and scalable data solutions that help to automate data operations like scoring, filtering, deduplication, and more. 
  • Bolts: Salesforce communities enable businesses to serve connected support experiences for their external and internal stakeholders. For this, AppExchange offers Salesforce Lightning Bolts. These are Industry-centric solution templates built by an ecosystem of partners, that help ISVs get to market faster.

2. Industry-specific solutions

Every industry has its own unique needs. AppExchange developers work on building industry-specific solutions to extend your Salesforce org. Your business can be from industries as complex as Finance, Mortgage, Hospitality, Healthcare, or Education; but with the right team, you can help standardize industry operations and engage more customers. 

While it’s easier to pick from pre-defined categories and industries, keep in mind that Salesforce only lets you market the app to a single app category and two industries per app.

Categories of AppExchange Solutions

Solutions on AppExchange can be categorized based on the way they are built and managed. All solutions fall under the following categories:

  • Native Apps: These are the apps built and hosted inside Salesforce using the Lightning Platform. 
  • Non-native Apps: These are the apps built outside of Salesforce and are integrated with Salesforce using API. These are opposite to native apps as those apps reside within Salesforce and don’t need a separate integration with Salesforce.
  • Managed Packages: The managed packages are full-scale installable solutions for which the provider is responsible for customizing and upgrading the apps for regular optimizations. Customers have to install the package in the org to employ any new capabilities.
  • Unmanaged Packages: These packages are distributed as open-source solutions, used by developers as a baseline while developing functionalities for an app. Such packages can be modified by the developers during the development process.

AppExchange Developers for Your Business

There’s a lot to AppExchange, and to get all of its benefits for your business, you need the right team of AppExchange developers. Whether it’s a highly functional industry-specific solution; make sure you’ve got the trusted developers on board to get the work done.

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