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Using Salesforce for Software Project Delivery

Salesforce for Software Project Delivery

When the word “Salesforce” comes up, the first idea we built is about having a platform to manage customer relationships. Managing and delivering projects would never be the first thing that springs to mind. While Salesforce is known as a customer relationship management platform, in reality, it can do quite a lot more than this. The incredible capabilities had got companies using Salesforce for software project delivery and efficiently manage it.

Salesforce has got a range of out-of-box features that can be used to satisfy several core project management requirements, ensuring timely project delivery. These features make Salesforce the perfect platform to facilitate project management. 

How to Use Salesforce for Software Project Delivery

Salesforce is a unified source of truth for companies that provides information about their customers, managing customer projects within the same environment. Salesforce allows for better organization, higher data accuracy, easier communication, and better collaboration, everything that ensures software project success on its delivery. 

Here we have listed some ways you can use Salesforce for software project delivery, handling every aspect of it the right way.

1. Assign Tasks with Salesforce Tasks

With Salesforce Task object, you can assign tasks to one or multiple individuals and set reminders related to tasks for the software project delivery. It allows you to view tasks on individual records or access list views table, kanban, or split view styles.

Salesforce tasks help team members know what needs to be done for a project, along with any limitations and dependencies related to it.

2. Automate Customer Onboarding Journey Builder

Journey Builder on Salesforce helps you manage your customer journeys, but it can also be used to manage customer or user onboarding related to any project. Here’s how you can use Journey Builder:

3. Enable Task Notifications

With Salesforce Task Notifications, you can track what needs to be done for the software project. Here what you can do with Task Notifications:

4. Collaborate in Real-Time with Chatter

Chatter is an enterprise social media app for Salesforce that helps the team to stay collaborated while working on any software project. Chatter can help team representatives in many ways:

Move to Salesforce for Software Project Delivery for Best Results

Salesforce is a powerful and comprehensive system that can be efficiently used for project management and delivery. It has numerous features that can offer the team the ease to automate and speed up processes. 

Although we know the capabilities of Salesforce for software project delivery, it can only be possible if the team knows the features and functionalities that matter to the project. This is where top Salesforce consultants can help. Contact us to know more about Salesforce or to avail our wide array of Salesforce services.

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