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8 vital skills Platform App Builders must have

Skills Platform App Builders Must Have
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App development has become very important for businesses looking for a platform to handle their distributed business process. And that’s what causes an increase in demand for platform app builders. But along with their technical expertise, there are skills platform app builders must have to create apps with the needed functionalities. 

Essential Skills Platform App Builders Must Have

When it is about app development, only technical knowledge isn’t enough. The platform app builders must have some additional skills through which they can craft applications that drive results. 

Here are these skills that your platform app builders must have:

1. Innovative Thinking

No matter how much you stay updated with everything new that’s coming with Salesforce, the reality is that code in Salesforce can be unpredictable. For any efficient app builder, it is important to have to ability to adapt and respond to issues as soon as they arrive.

You might encounter some unique issues, but there’s always an answer about that. You need to keep digging for innovative solutions to make sure the app is secure and free from any glitches.

2. Focus on Sales

The major goal of Salesforce is to bring a boost in sales and increase customer retention. And this isn’t something for which only the sales and marketing team should be concerned. A good Salesforce app builder should be sales-oriented when working on any app for the business. This is how they can ensure if the application is meeting their business objectives. 

Developers should have the skills to manipulate the sales process and the knowledge to understand how everything they are doing is going to contribute to the sales of the company.

3. User Interface & User Experience

Referred to as UI/UX, platform app builders should have these skills concerning end-users satisfaction. These aspects are frequently overlooked by app developers who limit their focus to the functionalities of the app. Even if you have the idea for a perfect app, you still need to consider the right way to present it to the customers. A team of app builders will UI/UX skills can help bridge that gap.

4. Business Analysis

App builders who have business analysis skills would efficiently take the client’s vision and requirements into considerations and map them into development needs. 

Having these skills will give cloud app builders more understanding about how they would be able to create an app that suits the client business the right way. A development team that has undergone business analysis training will have a better ability to translate a vision into bottom-line results.

5. Communication 

Any app development project would require vigorous corroboration between different teams. The same is required to maintain effective communication within the cross-functional groups. The app developers should be on the same page as the sales and business development teams.

This is where effective communication skills are required, both in terms of speech and writing. Even though it is a simple thing, but it is very important to maintain clarity of thoughts and goals while creating an application.

6. Cross-platform capabilities

For an app builder to be excellent in his work, it is necessary to have an understanding of different platforms and to be able to work on it all. Building native apps for a single platform has the disadvantage of making it challenging to conduct the transfer to other platforms. In some cases, it might even require a different team to work on it. That’s why platform app builders must have cross-platform capabilities. 

7. Data Expertise

Data drive apps. This is why the app builders must emphasize it to know how to recognize your results. You need app builders who are also skilled data engineers who can create efficient databases and repositories. A well-designed database is something that will lead to better performance of the app.

8. Security

Ensuring that the apps created are secure can be a real headache. This is why the app builders should know ways to make sure that the customers’ privacy is secured, your systems are protected from any compromise, and all the logs and balances are in place.

When it is about app development, there will always be some risk. That’s why the team should always be working on minimizing these risks. This means the team should have a thorough grasp of security protocols and the latest best practices and tools.

Get a Team of Platform App Builder with all the Skills

It doesn’t matter the team is small or large. What matters the most if the team responsible for app building is having the required skills. A team with all the above-mentioned skills would be able to fulfill the app development projects successfully.

To ensure the app development is done right, you need highly skilled and versatile teams. Our developers have the needed skills with a good business sense that helps drive results. Get in touch with us at sales@360degreecloud.com.

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