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360 degree cloud technologies pvt. ltd.

All About AppExchange Development

AppExchange Development
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With growing businesses and never-ending expansions, there is more and more need for applications that could simplify the business operations while keeping the vast team on the same page. AppExchange development is a way to achieve enterprise-level applications that could deliver value to the business, keeping the employees and customers connected. 

Businesses have already started looking for certified Salesforce experts to get powerful business-centric Salesforce apps developed that could ease up their complex and time-taking administrative, sales, and marketing tasks. But AppExchange development is not just about getting an app development. There’s much more to it.

What is Included in AppExchange Development?

Realizing the need for Salesforce apps for businesses, there are top Salesforce partners who have stepped up with a range of AppExchange services covered under AppExchange development. Here we have listed some of the services that are majorly needed:

1. AppExchange App Planning

With expert Salesforce partners, you’ll be getting a team that will work on complete planning for AppExchange development. They will be handling everything, from choosing the app to build for your business– whether you need a Force.com native app or a hybrid app to creating a plan to manage the entire life-cycle of the Appexchange app development. 

In AppExchange planning, the experts would mainly cover the aspects like:

  • Creating app architecture blueprint
  • Working on app prototype development
  • Performing competitive analysis
  • Creating a go-to-market app strategy

2. AppExchange App Development

The main focus in AppExchange development is the main app development, working on building all its needed features and attributes that could make the application usable and helpful for end-users. Hiring certified Salesforce AppExchange developers and consultants can help you throughout the development process, supporting you with the right Appexchange App design, development, and packaging requirements.

The development process covered by the Salesforce developers would mainly include the following steps:

  • App designing
  • App development
  • App packaging
  • Working with custom connector
  • Handling adapter development
  • Product migration to Force.com

3. AppExchange Security Review Assistance

Even after the app development is done, it would only be considered half of the work. If your application is not able to get through AppExchange Security Review, it can’t get listed on the platform, making the app of no use. 

To get your application listed on AppExchange, the application is required to pass a security review conducted by the security team of Salesforce.com. The app would get through the review only if an app abides by all the security standards mentioned by Salesforce. To make this possible, you need Salesforce experts who can conduct an external review and craft an application that passes through the security review process. An efficient Salesforce development company should offer:

  • External security review
  • Salesforce.com security review assistance

4. AppExchange Management

It can be possible that you might already have an application listed on AppExchange. But the question is if your work is done by getting the app listed on AppExchange? The truth is that even after getting your app published on AppExchange, it has to be regularly managed. 

This is where you need a service that offers you AppExchange management by providing cost-effective services to manage your apps. These services can include:

  • AppExchange launch
  • AppExchange marketing
  • AppExchange support
  • Customer training for user adoption

Get An AppExchange Development Team That Delivers the Best

With everything said, you would have noticed that there’s a lot covered in AppExchange development, and it is much more than building an app. So to leverage AppExchange, you need a team of Salesforce experts who is well-versed with AppExchange planning and app development and can be trusted with ap management after it is listed. 

We at 360 Degree Cloud have a team of certified Salesforce developers with experience in developing and listing AppExchange applications by successfully getting them through Salesforce Security Review. Contact us to know how our services could help your business run more efficiently.

AppExchange development