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Is Salesforce Premier Support right for your business? Who is it for?

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When it comes to managing your Salesforce platform, you need support from experts. Salesforce brings different types of Salesforce support plans for customers to start on the right ground. But how do you know which Salesforce support plan is right for you?

While Salesforce Standard success plan is the basis of all, it can help a business to set its initial foot with Salesforce. But for a company that wants big things for its business, the standard plan won’t work out for it. That is where a business would need Salesforce Premier Support. 

Why Salesforce Premier Support Plan?

Customer success is a top priority for any organization, and Salesforce understands that. That’s why it came up with the Premier Success Plan to help you deliver value through your business. Here’s what’s included in the Premier Success Plan:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • Expert coaching
  • Exclusive raining discounts
  • Ask-an-Expert office hours 

Premier Support will help you accelerate your business value. You will achieve the technical guidance and insights that will be tailored according to business goals. It will allow you to deploy innovations and capabilities with confidence and boost productivity, keeping your vision on track. There are different ways in which a Salesforce Premier success plan can help your business. 


Salesforce Premier Success plan grants your company access to designated Salesforce professionals who can efficiently work with both your team and Salesforce. The professionals will handle inquiries with cases, support, and troubleshooting.

To resolve more complicated issues quickly and efficiently, you can consider connecting with top Salesforce partners for Salesforce customization. The Salesforce professionals will be well-versed with your business goals, providing the needed Salesforce support to make sure app integration, cases, and troubleshooting needs are met seamlessly. 

Cases & Support

The Premier Success plan will give your team the option for over-the-phone support and online case filing. You can handle Cases in order of severity. Issues of high importance can be acknowledged in as little as an hour,  followed by issues with lower priority. The team can handle Cases via email and case filing through our 24/7 customer portal.  

Salesforce Education & Training

Salesforce Premier plan comes with an online education knowledge base with plenty of information on Salesforce that can help your team. You can also get extensive and free training materials for customers to aid in training. 

You can also count on certified Salesforce consultants who won’t require the extra resources, time, and cost it would take to train your team members. It will give your team time to be more productive in the roles they were hired for, resulting in fewer wasted hours and training costs.

Choose The Right Plan and Experts for your Business

Starting with a Salesforce success plan will help you access in-depth knowledge, case correction, and support your team needs with the CRM. Going with the Premier Success Plan can help set the foundation for you, provided with technical assistance. To increase the efficiency with Salesforce, connect with a team of Salesforce experts who understand your business objectives and can help you use Salesforce in a tailored way to meet your business goals. Reach out to us at sales@360degreecloud.com to learn more about Salesforce plans and customized solutions.

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