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Where Salesforce Hurts: Understanding Key Salesforce Challenges

Key Salesforce Challenges
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Salesforce can be highly transformational for any organization as it can successfully change the entire way a company carries its processes.  But despite the many benefits of Salesforce and its indisputable leadership in the business sector, some key Salesforce challenges hinder its absolute success. 

Every business has huge expectations when implementing Salesforce. The extensive capabilities of Salesforce have made it some popular. But it is also important to consider its challenges before moving forward. So, let’s take a dive and find out the major issues with the Salesforce CRM. 

Key Salesforce Challenges You Must Know

Businesses moving to Salesforce always consider a wide array of advantages. But they should also look on the other side of the coin. We have listed here some key Salesforce challenges that should be known and addressed before implementing the platform.

1. Complex Customizations which can get Off-Track

We know Salesforce as a powerful customizable platform. But sometimes customizing its features can get too complex, and it can easily go off-track in terms of budget and scope. 

With ample Salesforce customization capabilities available, companies can sometimes end up going beyond the reasonable limit for customization. This might lead to the solution becoming more complex.

2. Salesforce can be Expensive and has Implicit Costs

There are times when Salesforce customers complain that the CRM system is becoming heavy on the pocket. For a growing business, the storage capacities provided by Salesforce end up being insufficient, and they have to pay more to extend it.

Companies also face issues with the extra cost of Salesforce support. The basic support provided by the free Standard support plan is limited, due to which companies have to move to the Premier Support plan. What can be a better option here is to hire an experienced Salesforce consulting service to offer long-term support with your CRM system.

3. User Adoption Issues and Steep Learning Curve

Although Salesforce is known for its extensive range of features, it will only be effective if the users are aware of how to use those. To master Salesforce features, users must conduct introductory training, which should be a detailed explanation of all the features.

The training duration for user adoption depends on the number of custom-built features added to the Salesforce instance. A minimum of a couple of weeks of training is needed, which will be a combination of self-learning and instructor-led sessions. But there are chances that even after the training, users might face issues.

4. Limited Deployment Options 

Numerous competitors of Salesforce like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Oracle CRM tend to provide their customers with multiple deployment options. They even provide different cloud deployment models for the customer to choose from according to their needs. That’s not the case with Salesforce. 

Salesforce only had a single cloud deployment option with only the public cloud deployment model. This limitation can sometimes become an issue for organizations wanting to manage the infrastructure of the CRM themselves.

Hire Experts to Overcome These Key Salesforce Challenges

Though Salesforce has various issues that should be considered before the acquisition, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. In fact, with the right help, you don’t even have to face any of these issues.

With the help of our Salesforce experts, Salesforce onboarding feels like a piece of cake as we’ll counter all the possible challenges to help your business make the most of Salesforce capabilities. Reach out to us at sales@360degreecloud.com to know more about our services and expertise.

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