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How Salesforce can Save your Manufacturing Firm from Supply Chain Crisis

Supply Chain Crisis
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Empty warehouses, unhappy customers, and bare shelves are some issues that manufacturing companies these days have been facing. Even though achieving clear jam-packed ports is not so easy, still, there’s a lot that can be done to improve the situation. You just have to be prepared to save your manufacturing firm from a supply chain crisis and keep growing. 

Customers are not concerned about things that are happening behind the scenes. All they want is their product to be available or delivered on time. That’s where you need to work on delivering transparent and proactive service.

Points to Focus to Overcome Supply Chain Crisis

We’ve listed here a few ways you can ease the impact of the supply-chain crisis on your customers while keeping up the revenue.

1. Focus on Digital Transformation

Since the pandemic, manufacturing companies have been facing supply chain issues. This makes it important for businesses to consider disruption to be the new normal. 

They can implement Salesforce to leverage new processes, touchpoints, and checkpoints to shape next-generation digital investments.

Digital transformation should focus on including visibility and engagement systems that could help in winning customers’ trust and building customer relationships as a key to future growth.

2. Enable Data Transparency

With Salesforce, teams can focus on sharing data openly across different departments of a company, thus helping to connect data silos. 

Maintaining transparency helps suppliers to communicate in-stock components for manufacturers in real-time. Thus, manufacturers would be able to make their decisions faster on production runs and inventory management. 

3. Deliver Proactive Service

Another way to tackle the supply chain crisis is to deliver proactive service. Consider a situation, a few days before the scheduled delivery date, you receive a text from the distributor that the shipment is delayed. You receive a new guaranteed delivery date, which can be shared with customers.

This may not be the perfect buyer experience but at least your customers don’t have to sit around wondering about their product. 

Now suppose, you don’t receive any word about the delay and the product doesn’t arrive at all. Days go by and you receive no word. It will simply lead to customers canceling orders, rather than waiting any more. This makes delivering proactive service important. 

Implement Salesforce to Save your Manufacturing Firm 

You never know when a supply chain crisis can come to hit you. All you can do here is be prepared to save the firm. That’s where Salesforce can prove to be a great help for you. 

Get in touch with our certified professionals to get customized Salesforce solutions for manufacturing businesses to manage your supply chain to avoid any delays in production or delivery. 

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