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Automate & Revamp your Marketing Strategy with Salesforce Integration Services

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Integrating your CRM with marketing automation might seem like a phrase full of buzzwords, but there’s a lot to know when you’ll take a deeper dive. Salesforce integration with marketing automation has given a new meaning to the sales process.
This integration is a way to create structured programs that can run with minimal human involvement, giving you several qualified leads. It helps to create powerful sales and addresses the common B2B pain points like inefficiency marketing-to-sales handoff process, poor lead quality, and lack of insight into buyer motivations.

Why Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation by a top Salesforce consulting company helps businesses succeed. But that’s the simplest definition for it because there is a lot that marketing automation is capable of doing. As per Nucleus Research, marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity while decreasing marketing overhead overall by 12.2%.
As we kept digging more into the data, we yielded more compelling numbers in favor of small businesses. According to a study conducted by Annuitas Group, companies that use marketing automation for nurturing prospects witness a 451% increase in qualified leads.

5 Reasons to Consider Salesforce Integration Consulting for Marketing Automation

Marketers have a lot on their plates every day. From creating and editing tasks to managing customer relationships, there’s a lot to handle. Integrating marketing automation with Salesforce offered the marketers a new way to easily manage all these tasks while concentrating on their core focus areas.
With Salesforce integration with marketing automation, there would be no scrappy data or deceptive performance reports. You’ll have the clarity to detect the achievements and errors in your actions. With that said, here are some more reasons that will justify having Salesforce integration with marketing automation in which business.

1. Improved business intelligence

With Salesforce integration with marketing automation, you can measure the performance of your campaigns more efficiently. It will give you more insights into how’s everything going. While Salesforce can measure sales performance, it can’t measure the effect of marketing performance on sales performance and vice versa. This is where Salesforce integration with marketing automation comes into the scene.This integration helps you analyze combined data of sales and marketing, helping you know the strategies which are effective and which are to be improved. That’s how you’ll get clarity on how your campaigns are running.

2. Better lead generation

The moment you risk letting a dead slip, there are tens of competitors ready to pick it up. That could be a nightmare, right!  But this can be avoided with Salesforce API integration services that allow lead nurturing, providing valuable touchpoints that will keep your company on top of mind. The integration is also fruitful for scoring and grading leads so that only the most qualified get passed on to sales. These scores will be synced with Salesforce, so the sales reps can prioritize their leads accordingly.

3. Consolidated data from discrete sources

Integrating Salesforce with marketing automation helps you save time and effort, so you don’t have to keep switching between diverse data sets on the same list of contacts, financial records, and prospects. This integration saves you a lot of time spent on data management and prevents new data from getting out of place. It helps to maintain unified data, allowing the sales reps to customize their communications with leads and prospects.

4. X-ray vision to see and know prospects

It’s hard to sell. But it becomes even harder when you’re blind to the pain points and interests of your prospects. With Salesforce integration with marketing automation, you can go beyond the basic demographic information and work on detailed behavioral tracking. You can see the pages that your prospects are visiting and the type of content that interests them. You can even find out how they are interacting with your marketing campaigns. Having all the insights will allow the sales reps to personalize every conversation.

5. Improved efficiency in handling customers

Generating sales can be tricky, but it becomes worse when you don’t have clarity about what exactly needs to be done. Salesforce integration with marketing automation will give you insight into customers’ journey helping you to plan the right moves. Not just for the sales reps, but this integration will also be helpful for the customer care executives. It will allow them to respond to the customers in the right way that can help in maintaining positive brand connections.

Enhance your Marketing Efforts with Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration with marketing automation empowers your sales and marketing teams to drive better results. It helps in improving the way you have been interacting with your customers, thus supporting to make better relationships. It also contributes to avoiding all those errors that could adversely affect your sales leads. With all these perks of Salesforce integration with marketing automation noted, all you need is reliable Salesforce consulting services to get it all done for you.

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