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Marketing Strategy On a Budget: 2022 Ideas for Small Businesses

Marketing Strategy On A Budget
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Since the pandemic hit, the last two years have been tough for small business marketing. It brought a sudden economic halt due to which many small and medium businesses (SMBs) have been operating with tightened budgets and reduced staff. SMB leaders now need a marketing strategy on a budget to bring them back into the game.

If you are running a small business, it’s time to get your marketing strategy in order. Limited resources don’t mean scrapping plans — you just have to work on adapting. Here’s how to think about marketing your business in 2022.

Tips on Marketing Strategy on a Budget for Small Businesses

A lot has been changed during the pandemic, so firstly you need to reflect on it. Have any of your competitors closed? Have other businesses expanded? Or have other businesses just stepped in to fill the void? 

Moving forward here are some strategies that you can follow. 

1. Know your customer

You can start by doing some localized market research. Find out what your customers want and see how your business is delivering to their expectations. 

Just like your business got disrupted, so have your customers’ lives. This makes it a good time to check in with them.  Take time to listen to what they like, don’t like, and what they expect more from you. 

2. Take a look at your ROI

You need to conduct an audit of all your current marketing activities. This will help you to stay informed about where you’re currently investing your resources, and what return you’re getting back.

Evaluation of your marketing strategy, current programs, and spending will allow you to determine the appropriate marketing budget for the marketing investments you’ve planned for future campaigns.

3. Launch (or relaunch) an email marketing program

Work on creating a lead nurturing program. The idea here is to develop strategic messaging to maintain effective relationships with customers at every stage as they research or make their purchases. 

You can even collect your customers’ emails and plan to send the same to them on a regular basis so your business always stays on the top of their minds. 

4. Optimize the way customers can reach you online

The ongoing digitization and advancements bring out one question front and center: How approachable are you online?

There are some easy ways that can help you enhance your online presence and make it easier for your customers to reach out to you. Try adding a contact form or even better, if you work with Salesforce, consider using a web form to lead routing.

Also, stay active on your official social media profiles to quickly react to people who connect with you and comment on your posts.

5. Emphasize social media marketing

When you are aware of where a majority of your customers are online, it makes it easier to invest in those channels for effective communication with customers. 

You can do lookalike targeting (aimed at prospects who are similar to your customers) even with a small budget that will help you to reach new audiences and potential customers. 

6. Start hosting web events

From Instagram Live to Zoom, broadcasting has never been more mainstream. You can host a digital event that will attract new customers and even celebrate existing ones. 

You can always make it fun! Get creative and plan interactive virtual events — giveaways are always appreciated and well-received.

Run Your Marketing Strategy on a Budget with Experts

Conducting marketing for a small business takes time and work, but it doesn’t have to mean a big budget. These marketing tips will help you to get started under your budget. With some disciplined editing, careful thought, and using a few new digital marketing skills, you’ll have a budget-friendly marketing plan at the ready.

And if you need more help for planning your marketing strategy on a budget, feel free to get in touch with our certified Salesforce experts to help you strategize your marketing in an effective way.

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