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How Using Salesforce Chatter Can Serve a Business

Using Salesforce Chatter
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Salesforce Chatter is an enterprise social network used in many companies for team engagement and collaboration. The platform came up as an extension to Salesforce1 in 2013 and since then more and more organizations have been using it to enhance their business in many ways. Using Salesforce Chatter has proved to be a great way to share files and data across the company, maintaining transparency and accountability. 

Chatter is a collaboration tool by Salesforce that not just enables sharing files, but also communicating, posting on feeds, and commenting in the community space. Just like customers use Salesforce communities for interaction, Chatter can work in the same way for internal employees. 

Using Salesforce Chatter for Improving Business

Chatter helps to simplify the day-to-day internal tasks for the team that in turn help them reach their goals quickly and improve productivity. Let’s see some points on how using Salesforce Chatter can be fruitful for a business.

1. Drive Productivity

Chatter helps employees to stay connected with their fellow co-workers, irrespective of the fact if they are in the office or not. It helps them work together on sensitive projects and post status to keep each other updated about the project. 

Chatter provides everyone a platform where they can propose new concepts and share ideas, thus providing them a platform for brainstorming ideas for better productivity. 

2. Boost Innovation

Salesforce Chatter allows innovation with its four amazing features. 

  • Groups: Chatter allows users to create groups to work together on projects, allowing group members access to files. 
  • Rich Feed: Teams can set up customized rich feeds that help members to capture relevant information about the organization in one location. 
  • Polls: This feature of Chatter enables feedback management to create and manage polls.
  • Topics. Chatter provides topic pages to collect and share the most updated content on any subject. 

All these features help employees to work together in a collaborative manner. 

3. Share Insights and Data

Collaboration between departments is the key to smooth business functioning. Chatter allows teams to work together, whether it’s on sales, marketing, or improving customer service by quickly handling tickets. Chatter can be easily used as a company intranet, helping them to share their data in a secured way, ensuring that it is only accessed by authorized people. 

Simplify Internal Communication Using Salesforce Chatter

No business goal is unattainable when employees can work together with enhanced productivity. Using Salesforce Chatter is a great way to enable collaboration between departments and make the interaction smoother. 

Learn more about how you can use Chatter for different activities and use it for your business improvement. Talk to us to know more capabilities of Chatter.

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