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All New Service Cloud Features to Empower Support Agents

New Service Cloud Features
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Salesforce scaled up its Service Cloud capabilities with its next-generation version that brings out all the new features that will improve the productivity of support agents. The customer support agents work on the frontline of your business, and it counts how efficiently they work, and this is something new Service Cloud features will improve.  

From automation to video and voice capabilities to self-service capabilities, Service Cloud has now got everything that could improve the efficiency of support agents, while ensuring to deliver excellent service.

New Service Cloud Features to Improve Customer Support

Your customer support agents are the front face of your business. They are the ones who’ll be interacting with your customers and present an image of the business. That’s why Salesforce is taking every measure to uplift the working mechanism of support agents. Check out these new features of Service Cloud that will change the way your support agents have been working.

1. Customer Service Incident Management

With this feature, the support agents can automatically connect different cases according to the similarity of incidents and issues. It will allow teams to classify and prioritize cases on urgency and impact and speed up case resolution. 

2. Virtual Remote Assistant

Customer service agents can now benefit from two-way audio and video with customers that can create personalized experiences and stronger relationships. The feature will improve consultations processes for everyone, whether it is in the financial industry, mechanics, or doctors. 

3. Workforce Engagement Intraday Management

This feature centers on closing the gap between the actual staffing needs and the forecasted work. The feature will allow companies to adjust employee schedules when things don’t go according to plan, thus maintaining customer experience while keeping the agent morale up. Such a feature will play a great role in issues like call volume spikes or severe weather incidents.

4. Einstein Conversation Mining

Salesforce has brought new voice, video, and text capabilities, and Einstein Conversation Mining is one of them. The feature uses Natural Language Processes and helps to evaluate the general interactions with customers, recommending how support agents can optimize their processes. This provides agents with guidance on where they need to work more on the knowledge base and self-service channels. 

5. Extended Flow Automation

Support teams can now enjoy a deeper level of automation, so admins can easily connect across external systems and service channels. Here’s everything new in extended flow automation:

  • Ease to apply complex routing requirements like queue-based, skill-based, and direct-to-agent routing
  • Handle omnichannel triage cases intelligently
  • Auto-response features to assist customers quickly through self-service mediums like helpful articles.  

All these features would help support agents to speed up their productivity while managing less work manually. 

6. Messaging for Web & In-app

These new messaging features allow customers to communicate over WhatsApp, SMS, or the website, picking up the conversation from where it was last left off. 

Implement and Benefit from these New Service Cloud Features

Your customer support team is the bridge between your business and your customers. Thus, you always need to make sure your support agents are delivering excellence in their work and productivity. With all these new Service Cloud features, you can empower your agents with new capabilities that will simplify their work and increase work efficiency. 

You can contact us to know more about Service Cloud and how it could help your internal departments.

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