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What Makes Salesforce Gmail Integration A Must-Have for Your Team?

Why You Should Consider Salesforce Gmail Integration by Hiring a Trusted Salesforce Integration Service
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Gmail and Salesforce are two of the most frequently used solutions for businesses. They are the leaders of the sector, considering people go for Salesforce when they need to choose the best CRM solution and Gmail for sending emails. Their combined power is something that makes them more powerful. Salesforce Gmail integration is how businesses can get the best of both worlds. 

The integration would enable the team to access and manage records and information saved on Salesforce through the Gmail account only. This would enable the team to improve and streamline the workflow, thus making it easier to work smoothly without having to switch between systems. 

Whether it is about accessing changes in Salesforce records, logging emails, or creating leads or contacts, the integration would enable you to do it all from within your Gmail inbox. But that’s not all; there’s more that this integration can offer you. In this blog, we’ll uncover some significant reasons why your team should consider going for Salesforce email integration for their internal operations. 

Why Your Team Needs Gmail Salesforce Integration

For any business, major communications with customers happen via email. This could make it a tricky business to keep switching between Salesforce and Gmail to find the right data and use the data to prepare suitable emails for the customer. 

Considering Gmail and Salesforce integration could be a great option here, saving all that essential time while boosting your productivity. Let’s cover some more such points to understand why exactly your team needs this integration. 


1. Get complete visibility of sales activities

According to studies, only about 40% of sales update information is entered into the CRM used by the team. In addition to that, sales representatives also spend around 21% of their time simply researching through data in Salesforce, which is incomplete, thus ending up with a lot of time wasted, which could have been used somewhere productive. All of this ends up in customers’ records slipping out of the system due to where there are chances to miss out on leads. 

That’s something that can be avoided by integrating Salesforce with Gmail. The integration will automatically synchronize all data and would thus save records in Salesforce through the email information in Gmail. This integration would thus ensure the sales representative have complete visibility across the right customer information, thus enabling them to target the right audience at the right time. 

2. Increase the productivity of sales reps

Sales representatives spend a lot of time on data entering. Along with that, they spend the majority of their time on their emails. In an ideal situation, sales reps should spend less time entering data and more time actually making sales. Integrating Salesforce and Gmail can be a great help here. 

The integration would help in:

– Giving reps the freedom of actually spending time on selling

– This would minimize the distractions and time-taking task of updating the records

– Also, sales reps would no more have to spend time personalizing emails to reach out to new customers and engage with them.

3. Boost sales engagement

When it is about achieving true sales engagement within an organization, the focus should be on automating the sales process through which manual intervention can be minimized. This will help in achieving a personalized experience for the customers and employees. This is the kind of engagement you can achieve by integrating your Salesforce org with your Gmail inbox.

Enabling this kind of personalized engagement would even enable customers to reply or book a meeting with the sales rep through just a few clicks. Thus enabling an easier experience for customers would allow you to get more leads. Through the integration, you can:

– Automate the stages of the sales process, thus making the process faster to move an opportunity

– Set up rules to trigger the next sales process on certain actions.

4. Minimize errors & redundancies

There are times sales representatives have to enter the same information in different records or systems because there is no data synchronization between systems. This would result in more redundant work, thus minimizing the time spent on selling. 

Considering Salesforce Gmail integration would enable data synchronization between the solutions, thus eliminating the need to save data again and again. This would help in saving time spent in context switching. Also, this would minimize the chances of errors or compromising data quality. 

5. Simplify account handoffs

Without having a smooth account handoff process, a company can end up with hindered processes and a lead generation cycle. Thus, you need a way that could keep all your reps synchronized with updated customer information in real-time.  

Integrating your Salesforce and Gmail accounts could be a great help here as your sales representatives would have a clear and unified view of all updated Salesforce records within their Gmail inboxes. So, even if a respective rep attending to a customer is not available, the other sales reps would have the right information and clarity on the lead journey to take the process forward without having to keep the customer waiting.

Integrate Salesforce and Gmail Inbox with the Help of Experts

Integrating your Salesforce org with your Gmail inbox can help you witness significant benefits for your business, from improving data accuracy to providing a detailed view of customers. But to make the most of this integration, you need experts who can perform the integration right and follow the best practices to synchronize data and streamline workflow. 

Having the support of Salesforce integration services can completely transform the way your business operates and adapts the integrated solution. So, contact us and get in touch with certified Salesforce experts who can get your Salesforce integrated with the third-party applications in use to streamline your workflows and improve productivity.


Integrating your Salesforce org with your Gmail inbox can bring many benefits. One of the most common advantages is the increased productivity for the sales reps. The integration would enable the team to manage their Salesforce information from their Gmail account, thus enabling them to take action without even having to switch between systems.

In addition to this, the integration also helps to boost data accuracy as it ensures that the Salesforce record is error-free and updated. The team can automatically get their activities and emails logged in Salesforce, thus safely managing all the data. Along with this, you can also acquire the benefit of synchronized calendars and a comprehensive view of customer records.

When hiring a Salesforce integration service, you should make sure that they perform foolproof integration by ensuring a thorough need analysis, conducting a secure data migration, and providing post-integration support.

Through a need analysis, the team could understand the business systems, processes, and objectives they need to achieve with the integration. Also, it is necessary to safely collect and prepare the data for migration and synchronization between the platforms, eliminating any errors or redundant information. The service should also monitor the integration, once done, and even train the team to use it efficiently.

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