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What do Salesforce Project Managers do?

Salesforce Project Managers
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Being a Salesforce project manager is all about brainstorming, scheduling, planning, and monitoring Salesforce projects running in an organization. Salesforce project managers should be efficient in communicating both in technical and non-technical terms. They are the ones who need to ensure that projects are completed according to the mentioned specifications within the planned budget and time frame.

When it is about Salesforce implementation, all we hear about is Salesforce consultants, developers, and analysts. But to handle the Salesforce team, it is necessary to have a project manager. A project manager has a lot of responsibilities, whether the project is for Salesforce implementation and development, and no team can be complete without having one.

Responsibilities of Salesforce Project Managers

Managing any project within the Salesforce instance would require a proper set of skills that project managers should have. There’s no denying the fact that being a Salesforce project manager is a tough gig. Being the head honcho of the project, you would be having numerous responsibilities on your shoulders.

A project manager has to wear many hats and should be completely familiar with the Salesforce instance. We have listed some of the major responsibilities of Salesforce Project Managers when it is about handling any project. 

1. Requirement Gathering

Before starting with any project, an ample amount of time needs to be given to discovery and requirement gathering. This is something that the project manager will handle. Salesforce project managers are required to participate in client discovery sessions, working along with a technical team to identify a suitable solution for the client.

2. Project Delivery

From team enablement to sprint planning, all the tasks fall in the bucket of project managers. They need to confirm the technical team that will be skilled enough to handle a Salesforce project. After planning the team, the project manager would prepare different project phases while preparing an agile project management approach for incremental development and implementation. 

While the focus of the project manager would be on project success and delivery, the need is to put equal emphasis on risk management. They need to timely identify and mitigate risks by using strategies to minimize any impact on the project.

3. Reporting

Project managers should work on preparing schedules for projects and create status reports, and change orders accordingly. They should be able to report the internal management team assigned on the project about the project status, and also escalate issues where needed. 

While handling reporting, project managers should also be good at performing forecasting on Salesforce for project resources to achieve project completion.

4. Managing Client Relationships

Salesforce project managers need to stay updated with client requirements, so they could build and maintain effective day-to-day relationships with them. The need is to ensure client satisfaction for which, the team should be able to understand what the client wants. A project manager would also be responsible to provide support to clients throughout the Salesforce project and also managing the post-implementation process.

Hire Certified Salesforce Project Managers for your Next Project

With so many responsibilities of a project manager, the professional you hire must be certified and have experience with Salesforce implementation with different industry verticals. 

Talk to us and find out how our project managers are well-qualified for your upcoming projects and can provide you the right guidance and successful implementation.

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